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  • adidas

    Our selection of running shoes is designed to meet the needs of runners of all levels.
    Its technical design adapts to your style and helps you achieve your goals. Welcome to the adidas Running section of Tiendadepor, your adidas online shop with original adidas sneakers at very attractive prices.

    In your adidas online store at Tiendadepor you have the latest adidas running shoes; adidas women's shoes and adidas men's shoes. But it's also that in Tiendadepor we have the most sought-after adidas shoe models:
    Adidas Solar, Ultraboost, Supernova, Alhabounce... in addition to the latest adidas sports models that await you at the best prices, inTiendadepor. com.

    Buy your adidas products in Tiendadepor. Surely in Tiendadepor we have your adidas article you are looking for.
    Get better at each race. Improve your performance and dazzle them with your style. Your determination leads you to always go further.

    Running shoes
    Running may be the purest and most universal physical activity. A sport for everyone, whatever our level. Footwear is the most important part of the runner's equipment. The first step to achieve your goals is to choose the best running shoe for you. Each surface: track, mountain and asphalt, requires a specific design. Other determining factors are the places where we run, the way of running of each one and the natural shape of the foot. Whatever your pace and style, adidas has the perfect running shoe for you.

    Choose the best running shoe for you.
    The ideal running shoe should offer protection, comfort and support when and where you need it most. Many runners like to vary in surface when they go for a run. Depending on the day, we can choose to run on asphalt, on an athletic track or practice trail running. To begin, we must choose the correct running shoe:

    Running on asphalt.
    Running outdoors with miles to spare is liberating. The asphalt is a flat and uniform surface. Our asphalt running models help you run more kilometers and offer you support and grip whatever the weather.

    Running on track (athletics).
    When you run on track you like to reach the maximum speed possible. The adidas collection is designed to achieve great acceleration and to help you find and exceed your limits. Feel the power of a faster and more powerful race for longer and with less risk of injury.

    Trail running.
    Leave the asphalt and explore unknown terrains with the adidas trail running shoes. Do not put limits on your freedom thanks to its protection, support, grip and impermeability. Steep slopes, irregular and slippery surfaces or small streams are not an obstacle for these models.

    Running on tape.
    Make running be your thing. The tape can be the solution when we do not have a lot of time or weather conditions do not accompany it. The running shoes for adidas tape adapt to your rhythm perfectly.

    The perfect running shoe for you.
    Each runner has a characteristic tread. It is essential to know what your style is when choosing the correct running shoe for you.

    The experience is a degree
    Experience is the key to choosing the perfect running shoe. Always choose a shoe with the appropriate level of support and with which you feel comfortable. adidas has sneakers with specific design for new runners.

  • Asics

    The training variations help runners to expand their limits and achieve their goals. If you plan to run a marathon or a 5km race through the park, ASICS offers you the best running equipment and helps you expand your limits.
    Train yourself in multiple ways mixing your race on asphalt, doing speed series, with natural race and with trail. Whatever career you choose, make sure you are prepared with the right shoes, clothes and accessories.

    In the store you can buy Asics shoes at the best price, we have the most advanced models in running shoes.

    The Japanese brand Asics founded in 1949, as Onitsuka Co. Ltd., considered the best brand to run by most fans of the runner. In 1950, the company was renamed Onitsuka Tiger, launching the "Tiger" sneakers, which were worn by the winner of the Boston Marathon.

    ASICS running shoes offer a range of footwear for long-distance running, as well as a combination of mountain, running and running shoes for all types of pronators.
    The ASICS shoes are designed with the latest technology in running shoes and provide lightweight cushioning and support so you can focus on your performance.
    Run long distances with total confidence wearing the classic GEL-Kayano; runs long distances with the comfort of the FluidRide 2.0 midsole on the GEL-Cumulus and GEL-Nimbus; let the smart technology of the new Metarun suit your personal racing style or combine the lightweight design with the protection and style of the versatile fuzeX.

    Asics Running

    For all the fans and fans of the runner, the Japanese brand Asics (name formed by the beginning of "Anime Sana in Corpore Sano") is known mainly for some very requested models such as Nimbus, Kayano. However, the catalog and offer of Asics is vast, such as low-end, mid-range, genetic models (running shoes for all uses) or specialized. And every time it is gaining more followers who consider it the leading brand specialist in the running world.

    Asics Fuzex

    The FuzeX is the running model chosen by Asics to introduce in the market a new technology called Fuze Gel. It is a generalist model, a mixed shoe suitable for walking, running, using in the gym ... Its most remarkable point is its stability and its cheap price (ideal for those who are starting), its durability mesh and the comfortable touch of Your Fuze Gel.
    Recommended for people of narrow foot neutral and for supinadores of not more than 80 kg, as much for its surprising stability as for presenting the appropriate flexibility for this type of foot. Training not intense.
    Among its weak points are that its thick mesh makes them warm (positive, however, for frioleras people) and an upper perhaps too rigid. There are other better models for wet asphalt and unpaved terrain.

    Asics Nimbus

    The Nimbus is one of the best known and best selling models of running shoes, sought for its great cushioning and comfort that remains for many kilometers. While the Nimbus revolutionized for its heat sealing, this year's Nimbus repairs small faults found by users in other previous Nimbus such as more efficient damping or adjustment, among other issues.
    Therefore, the highlight of the Nimbus this year is its pleasant touch, its heel adjustment, the pleasant cushioning and the grip on the ground; however, it is possible that it is not a very light shoe (+ 320 g). Recommended for neutral or flat feet of no more than 100 kg for slow training 4.20-4.40 km / h.

    Asics Kayano

    This model topped the Asics brand and remains almost an obligatory model in the closet of every runner, essential for its great lasting cushioning for hundreds of kilometers at a good pace.
    It is indicated for neutral feet and mild pronators, of no more than 80 kg if one wishes to preserve its running quality. With more weight, it is advisable to opt for the Asics Nimbus.
    Of all Kayano models, the current Kayano is the one that has more followers, yes, due to its perfect fit, make sure it is your concrete size, mainly at the tip. Its strengths are its incredible cushioning, very balanced, its durability, fit, good ventilation and perfect finishes, while its cons include its low toe, strange at first and its weight, up to 5 grams in large sizes.

    Asics Fuji Trabuco

    The Asics Gel Fuji Trabuco shoe is the improved version of the famous Asics Gel Trabuco range, hence many runners call it the "Asics Gel Trabuco 15" and like those, it is the top of the trail running with slight modifications: lower profile but heel-tip with softer fall to improve the stability, metallic eyelets of the laces and the characteristic pocket on the tongue to keep the laces and avoid entanglement. As in the Asics Noosa Tri, it has stiffness in the midfoot to protect itself from rocks, one of its strengths being its durability and high resistance to abrasion, ideal for the "extreme trail". For mild and moderate pronators, the Neutral Fuji Trabuco is better adjusted for neutrals / supinators.

    ASICS is the benchmark company in the high performance sports sector and is the undisputed leader in the running shoe market for amateurs and professional athletes. ASICS provides athletes with the comfort, support and tread they need for their professional competitions, Olympic races or workouts in the park. Recently, 10 years have passed since the appearance of the popular and award-winning GEL-NIMBUS and GEL-KAYANO shoes, which demonstrates the affection and consideration that the brand has won among athletes from all over the world.

  • Joma

    Joma running shoes, buy cheap joma in tiendadepor. All models of running and trail.

    In store you can buy cheap joma shoes at the best price, we have the most cutting-edge joma running shoes. The Spanish brand JOMA, based in the beautiful city of Toledo began as a simple "plan b" to all those people who did not need expensive shoes for outdoor activities, although it is beginning to make shoes very worthy and incorporating technology to the height of other traditional brands in the sector.

    Joma Hispalis

     It is the best considered and most popular model of the brand. With respect to the previous model Hispalis XV presents as modifications: narrower base, Blow Up in the midsole, thermo stuck in the upper, redesigned subjection in the instep and a smaller buttress, among other details.

    For that reason, they are very cheap shoes, for neutral feet or plantilleros (not indicated to pronators since they do not counteract the pronation), for people of no more than 90 kg, resistant to marches around 4.15 / km. Its 312 grams give it very good stability, along with its wide base, solid chassis and robust chassis. Their soles are very robust. As loose points, an excessively wide collar (not holding well) and a non-homogeneous cushioning according to the type of footprint. They respond well on asphalt and compacted dirt roads.

    Joma Storm Viper

    With the Storm Viper, Joma aims to cover a niche that has had something discovered in its catalog over the past few years, that of runners who, by weight or rhythm, like to train with lightweight shoes. For this they have created a shoe in which they use several of the best technologies already contrasted in their top range models (Stabilis, Pulsor, etc.) and incorporate some technology that we must still consider novel (Rebound).

    Tilted as the most avant-garde slipper by Joma, the Viper Storm is one of the options that can be considered by neutral-footed runners, and also mild pronators, of medium weight, and looking for a model that ensures stability, lightness and good cushioning. In addition, the Spanish brand maintains that philosophy of offering models of an excellent value for money, at the same time that the Joma Storm Viper presents a striking and groundbreaking design.

    Joma Super Cross

    Joma has taken ingenuity to reinvent himself, and with a clear commitment to innovation has introduced a new concept in his technical shoes to go running: the thread cut. This innovative system replaces the microfiber cut by breathable and lightweight polyester fibers, which results in a perfect fit for the runner's foot and a more modern aesthetic.

    And with this concept is presented the Joma SuperCross shoe, the new model for runners of the Spanish manufacturer with which it seeks to position itself in leading positions of the competitive market of running.

    Joma Sierra

    Launched on the market in 2015, the Joma Sierra model is a trail shoe with excellent quality / price ratio characteristic of the brand, whose best results are offered in medium / low level terrain from the technical point of view (trails, forest roads, firewall, ...).

    Good cushioning thanks to Blow Up technology and Full Dual Pulsor in your midsole. High profile outsole, in rubber extremely resistant to wear, with the strategically placed blocks (rear area looking for braking and front area ensuring good grip).

    It has the Nylon membrane detail, like a pocket, on its tongue in order to prevent the entry of gravel and sand, as well as making it easier to keep the laces to avoid snags on roots, branches or trekking poles. they confer great stability, together with their wide base. They are robust. It also incorporates a new closure system, with triathlon-type lacing system with automatic closure for more effective support of the foot. Ideal for trail runner (medium-speed training: 5.30 min / km) of medium weight and neutral tread, hikers and trekking enthusiasts.

    Joma Trek

    The Joma Trek model takes over from the famous Joma Everest (second model of trail running that launched on the market Joma), incorporating new changes that significantly improve the characteristics of that. As always, the most remarkable point for the users of the Joma Trek is great value for money, although its extremely attractive design is not far behind either.

    Ideal for athletes of average medium / high weight and neutral footprint (or even slightly pronadora). In the case of Joma Trek we must highlight its lightness (its official weight is 320 grams in its man version, the woman version is somewhat lighter) with respect to its rivals in the sector. They are also strong points its good cushioning and support (both the foot, as the sole in its grip to various surfaces not asphalted), as well as its effective transpiration.

  • Mizuno

    Mizuno running shoes for men and women. Products for all sports. For more than 110 years with a continuous search for perfection.

    Evolution without rest.

    The difference between something good and something excellent is attention to detail. Mizuno manufactures products for a multitude of sports. And we do it being very aware that sport is one of the most important social assets. It is like that all over the world. We want to improve the lives of people through what we like the most: sports.

    Mizuno is an extension of your body.

    Whatever your sport, you always want to give your best. We also want to give you the best with our products. We want to be an extension of your body and take you to victory.

    You will find in Tiendadepor, the full range of running shoes of the Mizuno brand.

  • Merrell

    Brand specialist Trail-Trekking-Outdoor. The best hiking boots ever made !! High quality mountain boots. Forging our own path Did you know that Randy Merrell was a craftsman specialized in customizing cowboy boots? As a test and applying the usual criteria for Cowboy footwear, he made hiking boots. They had a perfect fit on the heel, precision on the instep and a spacious finger area. So perfect they were that they were considered "the best hiking boots ever made" (Backpacker Magazine). Yes, they cost 500 dollars and 6 weeks of work! But the legend was already underway ... This is how Merrell was born more than 35 years ago! Since then we have come a long way, an adventure that has helped us shape our products, our people and achieve our main goal: to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of outdoor footwear. It has been an incredible journey, and you know what? It has only just begun, because we have the soul of explorers. We will follow the path that has always been in our nature: to put our passion for the outdoors at the service of adventurers, to ensure that nothing interferes with their outdoor adventures. We will comply with our work, you take care to leave a mark. Run, jump, walk, travel, play, fall and kneel your knee, if necessary, but make sure you are true to "your" nature.

  • Nike

    Welcome to the Nike section of Tiendadepor, your online nike store where you can buy nike shoes, as well as nike sportswear: all items 100% original, direct from the factory and forming part of the latest trends of the Nike lines most demanded by athletes . Inside the nike shoes you can find nike sports of all kinds, not only nike running shoes, but also for other sports such as cheap nike tennis, nike basketball shoes, nike shoes for walking or for casual but comfortable dress and even nike shirts. At Tiendadepor we have nike footwear for all needs. And not only for men, we also have a wide catalog of children nike shoes. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts of Tiendadepor will be happy to answer any questions regarding the size, availability of sizes / numbers of footwear, materials in which they are manufactured, clothing more suitable for what sport or any other issue related to sport and the brands with which we work. On the other hand, our nike online catalog of Tiendadepor you will find from numerous models of nike women's shoes for all needs and footwear, to nike sportswear, stylish, comfortable and made with the latest technologies to ensure maximum comfort, fast drying, firmness and Subjection where they are required and a lot of style. Because practicing sports is not at odds with looking beautiful and stylish and the nike clothes are clear to you. That is why Nike makes all its products with the most innovative materials, seeking not only to mark style but also to highlight the figure of every man, woman or child who dresses his clothes. Not in vain, since the Nike brand was created on January 25, 1964 (since 1971 began to use its current name), has sought to offer the best to all athletes, whether amateur or professional athletes, giving the best of themselves to bring out the best in all of them. And that love that Nike puts on their nike footwear and their nike sportswear, consumers return it by choosing their products. And if you notice, Nike pampers every detail of all its articles, in ergonomic zippers, hypoallergenic materials, very light and resistant, elastic but able to recover its shape to be preserved as the first day, reflective details to be seen , laces with stops to prevent them from being "swallowed" in the loops, breathable fabrics, fast drying but conservative of heat, hair bands that leave no mark to hold well, wristbands that ensure firmness while absorbing sweat ... are just a few examples of the many details that both nike sportswear, Nike accessories and nike shoes offer. If you want to buy cheap sneakers but buy nike, at Tiendadepor, your nike store will find cheap nike shoes with all the guarantees of authenticity. In addition, in our outlet section of Tiendadepor you can find cheap sneakers of different brands. You only have to visit it frequently since the products that we reduce every so often tend to run out quickly, so they are not available for a long time. And all this in Tiendadepor, where cheap online sneakers of the most desired brands await you.

  • New Balance
    New Balance

    New Balance, sneakers, buy New Balance, news of New Balance

    In this section of New Balance of Tiendadepor you have the latest trends in new balance fashion. You can buy new balance online enjoying great discounts on new balance woman, man and child. But as not only of clothes new balance lives the human being, in you will be able to buy new balance shoes at a price new balance as to repeat !. And is that the new balance sports trends, especially the new balance women, as for example the new balance u410 and the new balance ml574, already become the object of desire of many women. If you are looking for new balance online and especially cheap new clothes, certainly in Tiendadepor you will not be disappointed. The man New Balance enjoys the sport made with garments made with first quality materials and therefore he is committed to New Balance, a brand that has earned a deserved place in the world of sports, since he started his adventures, as a brand, since 1906 Since then he has contributed his bit in the world of sportswear and sneakers with certain contributions that have been milestones in the way of understanding sportswear. New Balance has managed to win over the select female taste, being the new balance shoes women of New Balance products sold. For the last few years she has continued to innovate to combine the technical quality of her garments with an exclusive and very flattering design, which has ended captivating women of all ages, to the point of talking about the New Balance girl line, New Balance clothes with the best quality and design focused on teenagers, so they feel comfortable and attractive. Therefore, the New Balance badge is making its way into the market of sports consumers seeking innovative brands, quality and style, three qualities that the New Balance firm strives to pamper and preserve. As a result, New Balance is swelling day by day its number of followers loyal to the brand New Balance as a synonym of quality and comfort. In Tiendadefor not only you will find clothes and accessories new balance overflowing with New Balance style, but you can also buy a large number of items new balance online among which you will find the models of new balance shoes most demanded by runners and athletes in general , as well as various designs of new balance sport pants and other garments of various new balance collections of different seasons, so that you get the new balance kit that feels best to you, because they are all technically unbeatable. Not to mention the new balance price that Tiendadepor has just for you. So do not hesitate and decide to take a virtual tour of our store New Balance online store for sure, you'll find something you do not want to miss. Check also our conditions of purchase and shipping, as easy as choosing comfortably items that you like, add them to your shopping cart, pay it and wait quietly to receive it at home, a few hours and with the best conditions.

  • PUMA


  • Vans


  • Munich


    Founded in Barcelona in 1939, the Munich brand has been gaining more and more followers not only of its sports munich with its characteristic logo in X, which are now a classic, but also by its Munich football shoes and their lines of munich sportswear, which come stomping. The munich sneakers have an unmistakable design: a lively and lively tennis sole, on which the distinctive X characteristic of the brand stands out. In Tiendadepor you can find different models of Munich sports for women, men and children, given that currently the Munich brand has grown so much that it has stores in more than 40 countries, fitting children and adults of all ages and sexes, who see in the munich sport shoes, comfortable sports with a nice design. Currently designs, in addition to sports for specific sports, munich sports shoes for the casual, informal but comfortable look. Munich accessories, especially munich handbags, as well as munich bags and backpacks that combine pleasing designs with practical shapes and sizes, are also in great demand. However, for what this brand has really started to be essential for many athletes, it is for its sports munich futsal, combining comfort, design and details in the most remarkable points to be absolutely infallible in the practice of this sport. So much so that possibly the futsal shoes Munich are currently the most used by professional football players, such as Sergio Lozano, Paco Sedano, Miguelín, or Carlos Retamar, to name just a few. There is a wide range of sports models of Munich such as Munich Gresca, Continental Munich, Game Munich, One Munich sports, Munich Fast, L-Men Munich, Munich Lux World or G Munich line (G2, G3, G3 .5, ...) and the range continues to grow, season after season, due to its wide acceptance among young and not so young athletes. And in Munich they know that not any sports shoe is used to play football well, so the futsal shoes Munich take care of all the fundamental aspects such as the reinforcements of the heel and toe area, hard and resistant soles to be able to allow both in the field and in cement, in addition to combining natural leather (quality leather) and synthetic resistant and conveniently treated to offer the same properties as the skin. All this care and mistrust in the manufacture of their futsal Munich, along with its unbeatable price, has made Munich have one of nine best cheap indoor football shoes of 2016, chosen by a group of experts in the field. Experts rely on the Munich sports, many professional futsal players rely on the Munich shoes, something will be, do not you think ?. In Tiendadepor so that you start to know them and use them, we bring them to you at infarction prices. Do not think more and get your favorite pair, you have fun colors and designs to choose from, but yes, always with its distinctive X !.

  • J'hayber
  • Timberland

    Timberland sneakers, to buy Timberland, Timberland online

    Brand specialist Trail-Trekking-Outdoor. The best hiking boots ever made !! High quality mountain boots. Forging our own path Did you know that Randy Merrell was a craftsman specialized in customizing cowboy boots? As a test and applying the usual criteria for Cowboy footwear, he made hiking boots. They had a perfect fit on the heel, precision on the instep and a spacious finger area. So perfect they were that they were considered "the best hiking boots ever made" (Backpacker Magazine). Yes, they cost 500 dollars and 6 weeks of work! But the legend was already underway ... This is how Merrell was born more than 35 years ago! Since then we have come a long way, an adventure that has helped us shape our products, our people and achieve our main goal: to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of outdoor footwear. It has been an incredible journey, and you know what? It has only just begun, because we have the soul of explorers. We will follow the path that has always been in our nature: to put our passion for the outdoors at the service of adventurers, to ensure that nothing interferes with their outdoor adventures. We will comply with our work, you take care to leave a mark. Run, jump, walk, travel, play, fall and kneel your knee, if necessary, but make sure you are true to "your" nature.

  • Geox
  • Dupé
  • Nino Bossi
    Nino Bossi

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